by Antilles

Hourglass 01:44
When did it become so sequential to you? so essential to burn your paths as you move along. And when did it become clear to admit the truth and remove yourself as if you’d always been gone. My only wish… I’d like to think it more than a stepping stone. Not to feel, But rather to know. But at your summit, there is no glory Only disarray and disappointment to have arrived.
Always on idle, staring it down: the endlessness that is present tense / revamped paralysis If we’re driving towards something, why should we have to wait? why should we have to put it off? Arriving at the same point with completely different conclusions. You sit idly by as I take flight, You are motionless, Idle, undaunted, calm, and statuesque. And in the end, You will mean Nothing to me.
Languished 02:01
A dream: to be listless and aloof to merely sit at the window and mirror you. To be contented… But there is insurmountable isolation as a fringe element; bursting in every direction, amid the stifling insincerities, and to have retained remarkable indifference. To be counted Rank and file and fall in line.
This is not unidirectional, nor clearly defined, but open-ended and impossible. But like half-steps, it falters. I cling to a shortness of breath, and a shallow reservoir of hope. And it dims. All you know now will be everything you’ve ever known. And when everything is sequestered, there’s still the question: how much mediocrity can you stand? Until it’s so much, That the life dries right up. Your declaration, and reinstatement, as a living, breathing model of half-hearted theory.
Collapser 02:49
Having cast off all things presumed and predetermined, the strain grows stronger with time until it’s almost unbearable. The weight, crushing an Atlas-like frame, Cold and unforgiving. As I bend unto it, like folded hands collapsing, I am overcome by a weightlessness marked by a strange tension. Realization of a time and action endless, but not matched in will, like folded hands collapsing.
I will forgive you these trespasses and I will give you these new bones to break and when this all is behind us, leave you to set them in place creating your perfect object a last glimmer Standing on crippled legs and realizing there is nowhere to run as your fading eyes cast down at the light at the end of the tunnel Can we move along? Lateral and parallel and leave behind an inconclusive past Can we move along never even feeling lost in it never knowing.
What's come of this for me to feel cast aside and rebuked and wrought with haplessness? Left cringing at the unveiled future blank and transparent utterly blank A future demystified Nullified I refuse to be broken to be cast out to accept as reality The dream demystified
Talk so I can hear it that familiar sound of teeth to tongue to background noise Talk so I can drown it out It only serves to ensnare you only to console you and your shallow mind. You set yourself up to fall and I sit patiently... You never could stick to anything.
Even in this closeness, there is unrest and discontent, a tension that pushes at the seams. And I stand corrected and compromised Resigned enough to abandon If only I could pinpoint the delicate placement of that final straw Would I say to you, "I want you to be so much more than you ever could be." Proximity burn cuts to the inside and permeates Swollen mind sore with knowing can you stop? and all the translucent beauty of ignorance collapses. Even in this closeness, You would never know it... To only speak plain language I never could.
Still born in the hypothetical Hanging there. It was plain to see that what we built was all wrong-reasoned, Satisfying all the marks on the latest fixation. Pressing firm on bent redaction. Still the thing that remains unwavering, The mind that can be tricked: There is hope, There are brighter things that lie ahead. There is none of that.
Lapse 01:55
I live between it the intangible and the insatiable reality the lapse that folds me in At a distance, there is promise- brilliant and believable But here, now there is only the lapse that folds me in Pinned to that awkward twilight frozen in half-life excruciating decline Lapse.


KID020 12" LP

Alex French - Vocals, guitar
Drew Vaccaro - Drums
Harrison Hickok - Bass, vocals
Kevin Greulich - Guitar, vocals

Sean Donovan - Bull fiddle
Mark Perez - Soprano bugle


released February 23, 2018

Music recorded in Philly 2012
Vocals & auxiliary instruments recorded and mixed by Kris Di Benedetto 2013-14

Mastered by Dylan Piskula at Wall to Wall in Chicago 2015

Lacquers cut by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers

1st press limited to 100 copies on black vinyl.




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